Meet Dr. Stevenson

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Dr. Tamika Stevenson

Tamika R. Stevenson is a philanthropist, visionary, and consultant who has served in education for over 15 years.

As a current specialist of a college readiness program and world-renowned trainer, Tamika supports campuses with college and career readiness through intentional proven systems that drives first generation college students toward success.

She has served in several leadership positions including Postsecondary Success District Coordinator, College Readiness Campus Coordinator and Professional Training Specialist for a global education network. She has taught a variety of subjects including English, SAT/ACT, Journalism, Student Leadership, College Readiness and Advanced Writing.

Tamika earned a Bachelors in English from the University of Texas at Austin, Master’s in Higher Education, Master’s in Educational Administration with principal certification from the University of North Texas and a doctoral degree from Argosy University in Educational Leadership — Higher Education. Additionally, she holds a certification in Urban Education from Harvard University School of Business.

Tamika believes extending knowledge beyond the classroom and making real-life connections gives students the skills and tools needed to become great problem solvers and life-long learners.